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Library Cards

ADULT Patron (Killingly Resident) – Must be 18 years or older. We require a Photo ID and current Proof of Permanent Residence.

Killingly Resident  – Anyone who lives in Killingly including Attawaugan, Ballouville, Danielson, Dayville, Rogers, East and South Killingly.

Photo ID – Driver's license with current address, a CT State ID or a picture ID from school or work verfying identity.

Proof of Permanent Residence – Driver's license with current address, rent receipt, checks imprinted with name & address, or an item that has recently been mailed through the United States Postal Service. The patron's middle name or initial must be included on mailed items.

For a person listing a P.O. Box - We must have  street address & apartment number, etc.for our records.


HANDICAPPED Patron (Killingly Resident) – If a person is unable to sign their own name or otherwise fill out the required registration form, this may be done by a person designated as having financial responsibility for the person requesting a library card. The person filling out and signing the form is accepting financial responsibility. Also required, if applicable, is the legally responsible agency name and address. All circulation guidelines, including fines & fees will apply.

YOUNG ADULT Patron (Killingly Resident) – Persons age 16 but under age 18 will be issued a YA Library Card account, which will allow borrowing of videos & DVD's, but will still require parental permission for use of the unfiltered internet. Proof of age will be required.

JUVENILE Patrons (Killingly Resident) – Any child (up to age 15) who can print his or her first & last name, or who is in the first grade, is eligible for a library card. A parent or legal guardian must come in with the child to sign the application form giving the child perm materials from the library, and accepting financial responsibility for any damage or loss, and for any fines and/or fees incurred by the child.

LIBRARY CARD Renewals, Killingly Resident

Our library cards are generally issued for three (3) years, and renewals are free (replacement cards cost $2). A photo ID is required for renewal. For juvenile renewals a new form needs to be filled out ONLY if custodial care of the minor changes. Address and phone changes may be made at any time.



If you do not reside in Killingly and are 16 or older, you must provide:
Photo I.D.
Proof of PERMANENT address

Children under the age of 16 who do not reside in Killingly must have:
Approval of a parent, who MUST BE PRESENT to register the child's card.

Out-of-state patrons are charged a yearly fee.


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